Individual Tax Planning & Filing (IIT)


Individual Income Tax (IIT) is a form of tax that needs to be paid with your salary in China. This is organised through the employer who should withhold the correct amount of tax before payment of salary, to make it easier for staff. People working for foreign employers, given that certain criteria are met, have the opportunity to reduce their IIT liability and be taxed based on the actual number of days living in China.

Blue Avenue has long-standing practical knowledge of tax servicing for individuals employed in foreign and domestic enterprises. With our intricate knowledge of the Chinese tax system, even in these changing times, we are in an excellent position for you to receive the best IIT planning on all spectrums. We can help you achieve the most efficient way to structure your tax payments and we offer this service to anyone, whether you are a self-employed director of a new enterprise or an employee at a foreign multinational.

This article was created on: 2017.07.31