1. Corporate Establishment & Maintenance

At Blue Avenue, we are fully equipped to assist our clients in setting up WFOE and Branches, Domestic Chinese Enterprises, Equity Joint Ventures (EJV), Cooperative Joint Ventures (CJV), Representative Offices (RO) and Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs).

We provide annual filing of returns, license renewals and handle all other administrative requirements so that you can focus on your core business activities and thrive in China.

- Chop Custodian Services
- Market Entry Advisory
- Updating Company Certificates
- Annual Inspection & Reporting
- Company Secretarial Services
- Company Ownership Transferring/Corporate Restructuring
- Background/Credit Checking

2. Deregistration, Liquidation & Bankruptcy

Sometimes an unfortunate occurrence, other times an opportune move, deregistration, liquidation and bankruptcy is never a straightforward process. Blue Avenue offers advice for recovery plans as well on the more complex side of the liquidation procedure. In the current business environment, corporate restructuring and turnaround processes can often be closely linked to insolvency, which sometimes uncovers possibilities for saving the business.

Blue Avenue has a thorough understanding of bankruptcy and liquidation procedures and the experience required for seeking out alternative financial sources. We also offer proposals for re-organizing debts and help companies to get back on track financially.